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With PropertyPro everyone you deal with is a customer, keeping all contact details together. Each customer is categorised by type, all mailings can be targeted to certain customer types. You can easily construct sales chains and attach solicitors to their clients. During sales chasing this means that all information, records and notes are available from one screen, making sales progressing easier and enabling vendors and purchasers to be more accurately kept up to date.

Each time you contact a customer by letter or e-mail, Property Pro notes the event automatically. An accurate record is made of exactly what has been sent and when, whether you have sent them a letter, mailed them details, confirmed an offer, the list is endless. PropertyPro will also store records of viewings, offers both successful and unsuccessful, and verbal contacts can be added giving you a full and detailed record for each and every customer. With this knowledge instantly available, negotiators can easily identify a buyers 'needs' from their 'wants' enabling them to match properties to buyers more accurately.

From the property screen you also have access to records of price changes, offers, viewing history and all customers mailed details of that property. These can be printed in a report for you, or your vendors' information.



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"we found the level of support to be invaluable"
David Gaster - David Andrews Homes

"The latest version of PropertyPro is absolutely rock solid. It really is bomb proof"
Mike Ingrey - Knight Partnership

"I am delighted to say that PropertyPro has surpassed my original expectations with its functionality."
Clarkes Estates


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