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The diary is a fully integrated office diary enabling instant knowledge of who is where. All appointments can be entered. Regular daily/weekly events such as office meetings can be programmed to repeat, and days off and holidays can be monitored.

The diary will warn you if you try to arrange an appointment, which conflicts with another (i.e. if the same person needs to be in two places, or if two parties are viewing the same property, at the same time). The diary will still allow the appointment to be made, enabling the conflict to be 'fixed' at a convenient time.

The diary is accessible from any screen and tries to help by suggesting that if you enter from a property or customer screen you will probably want that property or customer reference on the appointment. If not, simply over type or use the drop down options.

Each time an appointment is made, the information is stored against the property or customer that you have selected. Once made, PropertyPro will ask if you wish to make a task reminder to help chase viewings or confirm appointments. The system is constantly trying to help you run an effective and streamlined business.



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Edward Robinson - Robinson Estate Agents


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