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Multiple Offices

PropertyPro works with any number of offices and can automatically transfer data between offices meaning you can have the information you want, where you want it. Transfers are normally set to happen overnight, although if required they can happen in real time. Because of the way PropertyPro handles the transfers you can have different communications equipment in different offices and still transfer data without problem. You may have ISDN or ADSL in your larger offices and modem connections in the smaller offices, PropertyPro can still transfer your data.

Having one office's instructions available in your other offices means that your vendors can have multi office coverage for a sole agency fee. What better reason can a vendor have for giving you the instruction?



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"would happily recommend them to anyone looking for a well-designed, easy to manage web site"
Jay Parmar - Star Computer Services (UK) Ltd

"I have complete confidence in all your staff, you have a good product in PropertyPro"
Edward Robinson - Robinson Estate Agents

"I am delighted to say that PropertyPro has surpassed my original expectations with its functionality."
Clarkes Estates


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