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Every agent wants to ensure that their corporate style is retained in their details. Different ends of the market demand different approaches to presentation, you may only want a single picture on details for the lower price range properties but need a different presentation for the top end. PropertyPro gives you an unlimited number of templates meaning you have the flexibility to offer what you need when you need it.

Property particulars are created as word documents meaning that you have total flexibility to edit 'finished details' even after they have been generated. Once saved, these details will be used each time you ask PropertyPro to print the details. The system will even change all of the generated window cards and details if and when the property price is changed.

PropertyPro also contains powerful floor planning software so if you wish details to include floorplans in your details, PropertyPro can deliver!



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"PropertyPro offered the best software for our Estate Agency business."
John Hood - Jackson Green & Preston

"I would highly recommend PropertyPro to any other estate agent"
Richard Berry - Ferrino & Partners

"A marvellous system which I would highly recommend - way above any other systems I have used in the past."
Diane Arkell - The Property Professional


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