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"a useful marketing tool that can help to differentiate a companyís services from their competition when pitching to potential vendors."

What are the benefits to an agent of having their own app? Do they sell more houses, are they an essential tool for their applicants? In all honesty, probably not. They are, however, a useful marketing tool that can help to differentiate a companyís services from their competition when pitching to potential vendors.

So having decided to buy an app, is that enough? Some agents appear to think that just by having an app written, all of their customers will be aware that it is available. The only way that an app will work to an agentís advantage is if it is promoted strongly in as many communications as possible. A good example of this is the way that London agents Benham & Reeves have implemented their app, supplied by PropertyPro. There is a banner on the main page of the company website, all email communications include references to the app in their templates and it is fully incorporated into their client presentations. The result, more downloads of the app, more visits to the company website and more awareness from the public that Benham & Reeves are a forward looking agency.

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There is a level of confusion out there about the pricing of apps that is similar to the complexity of mobile phone contracts. Some providers make an up front charge for an app followed by monthly charges, others have a single one off fee. Most make charges for implementations on different platforms, such as iPhone, android and other internet enabled mobiles, with some charging additionally for iPad implementations that are often almost identical to the iPhone app. When choosing your supplier, ensure that you have an understanding of their total charges and also how strongly their app will promote your brand. It is generally a good idea to download an app that they have implemented for a client and use it yourself to ensure that it works fully, after all you do not want your clients to associate your company with an app that does not always work properly.

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"we found the level of support to be invaluable"
David Gaster - David Andrews Homes

"A marvellous system which I would highly recommend - way above any other systems I have used in the past."
Diane Arkell - The Property Professional


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