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Working closely with Grenke Leasing, we are pleased to be able to offer a leasing option when purchasing PropertyPro, PropertyShow, hardware or a combination of the above.

Considering Leasing IT equipment?
Businesses are faced with three choices when buying IT equipment. Do they pay using their own cash, with a loan or should they lease? By paying cash upfront, an either/or choice for essential IT equipment is created. What else could the cash be used for? Loans are hard to get - they require meetings with the bank, are usually for large expenditures and the administration can be complex. Leasing benefits you by giving you the products and equipment you need at an affordable fixed monthly cost allowing your business to quickly obtain equipment you need with minimum administration and/or impact on cash budgets.

An Overview

What is leasing?
Leasing is a financial contract between your company and a leasing company. You will be committed to repay a given number of fixed payments for the term of the contract, (for example 36 monthly payments of £50+vat). We supply the goods to you and we are paid by the leasing company i.e. you are effectively renting the goods from the leasing company for the duration of the lease. The goods are owned by the leasing company at all times. Because you are renting and not buying the goods you can claim 100% tax allowance on the payment.

Who can apply?
Lease finance is available to all companies within the European Union, which includes sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, PLC's, national, and local government departments, schools, universities, hospitals & charities. The minimum price that would qualify for a lease is in the region of £500 + VAT and there is virtually no upper limit. Due to the tax laws that apply to leasing, we are unable to offer this service to customers in Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland or the Channel Isles.
PLEASE NOTE: Small Businesses that have been trading for less than 18 months may have problems obtaining a lease due to their lack of trading and credit history available to the leasing company to make an application decision. In these cases personal guarantees may be sought from Directors or partners.

Easy to arrange
It is very easy to arrange a lease - just call us with your requirements to get an instant quotation on equipment you need. Please note that the figures quoted may change depending upon the credit rating and status of the applicant. We handle all the paperwork and all you have to do is sign the appropriate forms which are sent to you.


No Large Upfront Costs
Most businesses earn revenue over time, but having to pay for equipment up-front, in one go, can tie up one of your most valuable resources; instead keep your money working for you and spread the cost of your IT equipment over its useful working life.

Budget Management
Leasing ensures a fixed manageable monthly payment, irrespective of interest rate rises or other external factors. The low monthly cost of the lease is fixed, enabling accurate budgeting and removing any guesswork from your financial forecasting.

Preserving Credit Lines
We offer leasing from £500 upwards. You can preserve your existing bank lines and optimise your use of commercial credit sources. No additional security required, leasing is entirely separate from any bank lending or other credit arrangements you may have. By leasing equipment, your overdraft or bank loans are free for use in running your business.

Tax benefits, 100% allowable against pre-tax profits
Leasing is fully allowable against tax. All payments are 100% tax efficient. Traditional Hire Purchase is not as tax efficient and therefore may cost more in the long run even if it initially looks cheaper.

Technology Upgrades
Leasing allows you to take advantage of technology advances at a time of your choosing and at a reasonable cost. By contrast, a business that owns IT equipment can only upgrade by reinvesting and disposing of the existing asset.

Flexible Payment Levels
You choose the payment level. Options range from 1 to 3 years for IT equipment. You select the right option so you have the technology you need at a price you are comfortable with.

Cash Vs Lease

Whether you are a sole trader, a PLC or a government dept., cash flow is the lifeblood of business. When it comes to spending large chunks of it on IT equipment, sooner or later the same question will come up; is it better to buy the equipment outright or to lease it? Below we will try to show you that from a cash flow point of view leasing has considerable advantages to your cash flow. An up and coming sales company has decided that it needs to update its aging servers. They have decided that the network upgrade will cost a total of £11,750 inc VAT, they have also decided that they expect to expand further within in the next 3 years to ensure that they don't fall behind the technology stakes again, the following two scenarios show the financial benefits of leasing vs. buying.

Scenario 1 - Buying outright

Our company buys the new servers for a total of £10,000 + VAT, Immediately they are £11,175 down but as they are VAT registered they can claim the VAT back at the end of the current quarter in 3 months time. And that's it, your money is tied up in the new equipment, so if you had other plans for the £10k then you're going have to get it from elsewhere. Over the next three years our company can claim back 25% of the balance per year.

Initial Purchase Price £10,000
Year 1
25% of £10,000 = £2500 - Balance = £7,500
Year 2
25% of £7,500 = £1875 - Balance = £5,625
Year 3
25% of £5,625 = £1,406 - Balance = £4,219
So at the end of the servers expected working life our company has been able to claim £5,781 against pre tax profits.

Scenario 2 - Lease Rental

Our company leases the servers over a 3 year period paying 1 initial payment of £343 + VAT, then 35 monthly payments of £343 + VAT. So out of their original £10,000 + VAT budget they still have £9657 to spend on stock which they can sell for a profit, something that could not have been done if they had bought the equipment outright. This really is a case of having your cake and eating it. But there's more. Not only does our company retain the money to spend on more stock, but the payments they make on the lease are 100% tax allowable against pre-tax profits. As shown below:

Year 1
100% of £4,116 (12 x £343)
Year 2
100% of £4,116 (12 x £343)
Year 3
100% of £4,116 (12 x £343)
Total that can be claimed back against pre tax profits is £12,348.
Even though the lease rental has a higher cost of £2,348 + the £10,000 over the 3 years, the ability to claim all of this back compared to the £5,781 for the outright purchase shows the tax benefits of leasing.

Why 'make do' with equipment that 'won't do'? Our leasing solution can give you the tools you need and not what your bank account dictates to you. So leave your overdraft intact and take the pressure off. After all, today's cutting edge equipment will be tomorrow's 'old hat'. It's the flexible that prosper, not the companies that hang on to old, outdated equipment. As any financial advisor will tell you, investing large sums in fast depreciating assets is not a wise move.


And finally, important things to remember about leasing in general:

  1. The equipment does not belong to you, therefore you may not sell it.
  2. A document fee is charged by the finance company and is payable with the first rental payment.
  3. You must keep the equipment insured under your insurance policy; if it is broken or stolen you will be liable for its replacement or repair.
  4. Interest charges may be levied for late payment.
  5. The rentals will only change if there is a change in taxation rates i.e. VAT goes up or down.
  6. The finance company is under no circumstances responsible for the quality or maintenance of the equipment or any warranty issues that may arise.

Always read the terms and conditions carefully before entering into any lease agreement.


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