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New Version 21.2.0

We are currently rolling out the new version of PropertyPro which automates printing / uploading of the PDF of Page 1 of the EPC.

Here are the features that will enable you to do all of the above (plus more!)

From the Property record, the View menu has an extra item 'Energy Performance Certificate URL'.

This will enable you to enter the full URL of the EPC on the internet:

The same icon that previously indicated an Energy Graph present, will appear against the Checklist tab:

To attach Page 1 of the EPC to the property, use the View menu again - Attached PDFs

This screen has been modified so that you can not only browse for your pdf file and enter a description, but also opt:

a) for it to be uploaded to your website/portals and

b) for it to be printed when printing details.

When you click add, the file is now attached to the property.

If you select and right-click over the file, you have the option of opening or removing the file.

This does of course mean that other PDFs can be also attached to the property - without being uploaded to the websites!


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