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PropertyPro Newsletter XXX1 - August 2012

We are now in the wake of the 2012 London Olympics and wow, what a fortnight of sport it has been. I didn't watch it all, but was surprised at the emotion and enormous sense of pride I felt at those events I did watch - particularly those that produced a medal.

I, like so many others, was sceptical about the success of this blockbuster, however I thought it was wonderfully orchestrated - the organisers and participants have really given us something great to put in our history books.

The PropertyPro household has expanded since the beginning of the year. In January Rory and Sam presented Lynda and Hugh with their first grandchild, Spike, who is growing into the most cheerful and adorable little chap. June saw the wedding of Liam and Harriet, and yes, the sun shone for them! Then we welcomed 2 new members to the Support Team, Jamie and Shaheen, who I'm sure many of you have already spoken to. And if you were wondering why our Andrew doesn't answer your support calls any more, well he's still here but has moved on to the Development Desk to join Pat.
So a big welcome to all our new family!

The latest version of PropertyPro is 21.2.4, so now may be a good time to remind you of the 21.2 features, and a few new goodies too.

Entering a link to the EPC on the Internet

First, just a recap on the original reason for the new version:

This link will appear on all email details that are sent out for the property. You can either enter the URL (web address) of the full EPC, or copy and paste the link on your website to Page 1 of the EPC.

Notice that by default the first part of the web address appears so that you only have to enter the EPC reference. If you are pasting the link to your website, then remove this web address first. There is also an option to open link, so if ever you need to look at the EPC you can do so from this screen.

Attach Page 1 of the EPC to the property

Once you have browsed for and selected your pdf file, enter a description. You can then opt to upload it to your website/portal, and/or print when printing details.

When you click add, the file is attached to the property.

Note: This feature also enables you to attach other documents, such as certificates, Word documents. But be warned, if the box is ticked, they too will upload to the Internet!

Print Page 1 of the EPC

An option has been added to the Publish screen, so that when printing the document you can view / open / print the EPC's page 1. This is useful if you have decided not to attach it to the property.

Larger Crop Screen

The Crop Screen has been made larger and is easier to work with.

New Bookmarks for Lettings

We have added new bookmarks for Lettings particulars, window cards and single page details. These include:

Of course as well as being able to include these values in details and window cards, you will also be able to use them for better search results.

If this is of interest to you, then please give Support a call who will be happy to set them up for you.


There is now an option to import maps. If you obtain maps from a 3rd party that we don't interface to, JPGs can be imported - these will then be treated by the system as maps, rather than rooms.

Change multiple Customers' Types

It is now possible to select a specific group of customers in the Customer Search screen and change the customer type for all. We have added a new option to the right-click menu:

This feature requires entering your password, but will be so useful for archiving customers who haven't been contacted for some time.

If any of these features are of interest and you don't currently have them on your system, please give Support a call to upgrade.

Open Training Dates

The training is totally tailored to those who attend the day, and we really encourage everyone to take advantage of these free training days.

We are still running a new user day each month alternating between Admin and Negotiator. If you have a new starter, then please send them along for training. From their viewpoint it eases the pressure of operating a new software program whilst getting used to a new office environment and procedures.

The second session each month is generally a refresher for those who want to use the system more efficiently. It's an opportunity to see any new features, be reminded of old forgotten features, and update existing skills.

The next Open Training days:

Wednesday 5th September - New User (Admin) Focusing on Entering customer data, creating property records, publishing details, sending letters, and mailing.

Wednesday 26th September - Refresher Topics by request, eg Good Practice, Tasks and the Diary, Floorplans, Templates, and looking at new and improved features of Version 21.

Don't forget that if a half day session is more convenient for you, please call. Telephone training may also be available for a small charge provided that a suitable remote connection is available

We look forward to a visit from you very soon!

And finally, if there is anybody else in your office who might also want to receive our newsletter, please let us have their email address and we will add them to the mailing list.

Kind regards


Kate Hoare (Training Manager) Direct dial: 01788 862517

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