PropertyPro Newsletter XXXIV – July 2011

Hello to Everybody.

Version 21 has been out for a while now, and feedback tells us that you like the ease of use of the front screen and the various new features. At the point of upgrading, we send out version notes so that you know what to expect of the new version. However, does everybody in your office read them? - and there may be some new features added since you were upgraded.

Here are some of the major features, and if you want to read the full and up to date V21 version notes they are on our website: V21 Version Notes .

If there is anything here that you do not currently have and feel it would be of benefit to you, then please give Support a call to arrange an update.

Additional Set of Details

You can now create and save an additional set of property details – useful for external printing, different paper size details, or alternative design. This allows an additional level of marketing for property particulars – for example you may have A4 and A3 details for the same property.

The screen has been redesigned to give better defined options for opening existing documents and re-creating details/display, so less risk of accidentally overwriting details.

Choosing ‘Details and Window Cards’ from the front screen produces a similar Publish screen. However there is an extra button now which allows you to open another property and perform the various tasks.

Configurable Email Templates

Version 21 allows you to use email templates that are configured as near as possible to the design of your printed details. The covering email can also be configured.

Email and SMS Enhancements


Sending an email has been made much easier with one click - not only from the customer and property screens, but also directly from the appointment or task screens. Oh, and the email includes the salutation, so automatic mailouts are personalised

When emailing a customer the email form contains a property field (similar to customer notes) so that you can reference the property. This ensures the contact is recorded in the property's Marketing History.

Accordingly, the 'telephone activity' tab in the marketing history screen has been renamed 'contact'.


Individual signatures can now be set for different staff members and different email addresses specified for replies. Select Edit, SMS Signature, from the front screen.

When creating an appointment, the automatic text confirmation is set to be sent 24 hours before the appointment, or of course you can select when it is sent. If the appointment is less than 24 hours away, the confirmation will be sent at the next possible time.

You can now check the number of remaining SMS credits from the front screen (View, SMS credits) so you can check whether you have enough texts left to send a large mail out.

Property Search

It is now possible to see the mailing status of properties within the Property Search results, and see whether a property has been mailed before. Also, a tick box has been added when running a previously saved search which will only show properties available to mail.

A menu option has been added to save the search and exit with one click (by-passing the ‘exclude properties marked' screen) so it is faster.

A warning on the property search screen will appear when a search matches more than a set number of properties. This will default to 30 but is configurable .

If the property has a floorplan attached, it can be viewed from the View menu.

Viewings Management Reports

The old Viewings List has been revamped and split into 2 separate reports to make it easier to distinguish between appointments and viewings:

‘List of Viewings’ Shows all viewings with a property attached, whether or not a customer is attached.

‘List of Other Appointments’ Shows all other appointments (no property attached) whether or not a customer is attached

The List of Viewings is now easily accessible on the new front screen.

The screen is much more flexible and can display viewings in a range of views. There are extra columns showing who created the viewing and the date created, and all lists can be sorted by the column headings making it easier to work in the list or run a report.

Automatic Chain

When an offer has been accepted, the pop up box includes an option to create a simple sale chain and add the buyer to the bottom of the chain. This saves having to manually create the chain for sales letters and memo purposes.

And whilst on the chain, it is now possible to export chain information to a Word document so that it can be printed / emailed. You also have the option of including telephone numbers and chain events in the printout.

You may have noticed that the offers screen now shows a full history of existing offers, displaying buyer’s name, offer date and time, and negotiator. You can also scroll up and down the list of existing offers using the keyboard arrows and update the upper screen.

Exchange Letters

There is an additional item on the ‘Letters’ drop down menu on a property to deal with property exchange. Generating exchange letters works in exactly the same way in the letters grid as ‘sale agreed’. If no exchange letter exists, then it will default to the sale agreed letters.

If you have exchange letters that you would like added to your system, then please call us.

Did you notice that when the follow up task box is ticked, there is now an option to select a Linked Task (or the normal standard task). These linked tasks need to be set up beforehand (from the front screen, Edit, Linked Task).

Linked Tasks

When property letters are generated from the property screen eg Take On, Offers, Sales Letters, the letters grid will include the Task Type option and your last selection will be remembered in each letter type. The letter screen, eg Marketing History, Withdrawn, will also show this option.

This is such a useful feature where certain events warrant a series of individual tasks. Instead of setting these individual tasks every time, you can select one linked task that would automatically 'drop' these tasks into your diary (or pre-assigned member of staff).

If you haven't already set up Linked Tasks, the next version (21.0.10) will include several pre-set linked tasks, as shown in the screenshot, which you can edit if you want.

New Advertising Report

A new option has been added to the advertising status and preparation screen to enable a selection of properties to be exported, along with their advertising history, to Excel.

The resulting spreadsheet would look like:

The difference between this and the Advertising Report (Reports, Management Reports), is that you can report on a selection of properties and see at a glance how many times they were advertised, whereas the Advertising Report shows properties advertised by publication and date.

Free Training Days

The training is totally tailored to those who attend the day, and we really encourage everyone to take advantage of these free training days.

We are still running a new user day each month alternating between Admin and Negotiator. If you have a new starter, then please send them along for training. From their viewpoint it eases the pressure of operating a new software program whilst getting used to a new office environment and procedures.

The second session each month is generally a refresher for those who want to use the system more efficiently. It's an opportunity to see any new features, be reminded of old forgotten features, and update existing skills.

The next Open Training days:

Wednesday 3rd August - New User (Negotiator) Focusing on Property Search, Matching and Mailing properties, Customer Contact, Appointments, Offers and Chain.

Wednesday 24th August - Ad Hoc Refresher + Topics by request, eg Good Practice, Tasks and the Diary, Floorplans, Templates, Newspaper Advert, a general overview, and looking at new and improved features of Version 21.

Don't forget that if a half day session is more convenient for you, please call. Telephone training may also be available for a small charge provided that a suitable remote connection is available

We look forward to a visit from you very soon!

And finally, if there is anybody else in your office who might also want to receive our newsletter, please let us have their email address and we will add them to the mailing list.

Kind regards


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