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New EPC Regulations

We have had many calls in the last few weeks asking about the new regulations and what should be done.

The communication of the changes in legislation has been poor and software providers have not been included in the process. What we now understand is that the new regulations will come into effect from 6th April 2012 and that there are unlikely to be any further guidelines issued before then.

Our understanding of the implementation is as follows, please update me if you know more:

The first page of the EPC should be included with printed details and we will amend the software so that you can attach this to the property. This will then be automatically printed when you print a set of details.

For digital details (emails) we are currently assuming that a link to the first page of the EPC will suffice. Again, PropertyPro will allow for entry of the URL of the EPC and this link will be automatically included in emails.

We are assuming that the first page of the EPC will also need to be available wherever property details are shown on a web site. Once the EPC is attached to a property it will be included in web feeds (Rightmove etc.) as a PDF document.

It may be necessary to have amendments made to your own web site so that the links to the EPC are correctly included on the site. If you require copies of the EPCs to be held on your own web site, then this may have an impact on hosting charges due to increased bandwidth and disk space usage. Your web site may require some amendment so that the EPC can be displayed along with the full property particulars. If we supply your web site, then we will be in touch shortly to let you know the impact and any costs involved.

We have been delaying implementation of software amendments until clear guidelines are available and the implementation date is confirmed. It would now seem that the date is confirmed, even if the guidelines are unclear.

The amendments to PropertyPro and web uploaders will be available to all of our customers in time for the 6th April deadline and these will be provided free of charge to all supported customers.

We will keep you posted as and when we have more information.

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