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PropertyPro Newsletter XXXII - October 2012

Autumn has descended on us already and it seems that our 'summer' has slipped by unnoticed! However, there are a few things to be thankful for - just think how much water we have saved by not having to water the garden regularly - and we are definitely not in drought conditions as was predicted at the beginning of the year.

I am hoping for a reduced water bill too - which may help compensate for the hike in gas and petrol prices .... or maybe not.

Am I suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder? No way - I will be sitting under my sun lamp in the evenings and dosing up on melatonin just in case. Oh, and the good news is that melatonin has been reported in foodstuffs including cherries bananas and grapes, wine and beer. I shall also look up to see whether chocolate is good for SAD sufferers and will keep you informed.

In our last newsletter we reminded you of the new version features. This time I am listing new bookmarks that are available and new configuration settings with a explanation of what they do.

You will have to check the version you are currently using - it may be these have been added since your last upgrade. However you can always call Support for an upgrade to take advantage of any new features. The current version is 21.2.6.

If you have been recently upgraded please read on and treat this as a reminder - you will have been sent the Release Notes which covers all new additions for your version. However it is easy to miss the new configuration settings which could enhance the way your system works for you.

New Bookmarks

As well as a couple of useful general bookmarks, we have new bookmarks which can be added to details and window cards.

These are now available, so if you wish for any of this information to be included in your letters, details, window cards, or adverts, then please let us know.

For all Property Letters

Brings through the customer address again in letters that already have the Customer bookmark - a bookmark can only be used once in a document and this allows for the customer address to be brought through twice.
Brings through the fee percentage
Brings through the total fee
Brings through the minimum fee
Brings through the listing negotiator from the property screen

For Invoice Letters

Brings through the Rent to the Invoice Letter
Brings through the Annual Rent to the Invoice Letter

For all Details and Window Cards

Brings through Property Portal Bullets separated.
Bookmark for Details, Window Card, Single Page
Bookmark for Details, Window Card, Single Page
Bookmark for Details, Window Card, Single Page
This brings through the value in a generic field called "Furnishings" - if this doesn't exist the bookmark does nothing
This brings through the value in a generic field called "Smoking" - if this doesn't exist the bookmark does nothing
This brings through the value in a generic field called "Pets" - if this doesn't exist the bookmark does nothing
This brings through the value in a generic field called "Managed" - if this doesn't exist the bookmark does nothing
Brings through the available date from a rental property
Brings through the Deposit amount from a rental property
Brings through the Postcode (on Window Cards only)

For the Market Appraisal Form

Any comments entered in the valuation appointment screen can be brought through into the Market Appraisal Form (V21.2.6)

For Adverts

Brings through office telephone number associated with the first property in the list
Brings through Negotiator's name associated with property
Brings through Negotiator's telephone number
Brings through Negotiator's email address

New Configuration Settings

When you first had PropertyPro installed there were several settings that over time you asked to be changed. The following settings will change the default, and if you would like a setting changed please call Support and they will do it for you.

I have added the version in which they were made available so that you can see whether or not you will need an upgrade for the change.

Allows the property's postcode to be brought through in Summary mailings
The statistics on the front screen can be password protected (V21.0.3)
Changes the post town to sentence case rather than upper case. The new way of interfacing to AddressC makes them capital letters.(V21.0.3)
The default diary time slot starts at 7 am. This setting changes the start time to 9 am. (V21.0.5)
This sets the maximum number of matching results shown in the Property Search Screen. The default is 30. (V21.0.8)
Sets the maximum number in the list of Recent Properties shown on File Menu. The default is 10 (V21.1.4)
Sets the maximum number in the list of Recent Customers shown on File Menu. The default is 10 (V21.1.4)
There is now an option to mark the property as SSTC when marking an offer as accepted. The option is enabled by default. Previously there was no option - the property was automatically marked as SSTC. The new option can be removed by putting "YES" in the configuration setting. (V21.1.7)
This setting allows you to select which text to use when doing summary mailouts and emails. (V21.1.9)
If this setting exists, as soon as a mobile number is entered for a customer the box is automatically ticked to allow SMS (V21.1.9)

By default you can have the first part of the Energy Performance Certificate URL appear to save you entering it for each property. You will only need add the property's EPC reference number. We have suggested defaults for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial, however you can have this changed to a more appropriate URL if you wish.

Default Residential EPC url (suggested (V21.2.6)
Default Commercial EPC url (suggested
Default Industrial EPC url (suggested (V21.2.6)

Document Templates

You already have standard letter templates, and often we are asked to add more or amend the wording. Sometimes there are amendments that are easy to do, and even creating a new letter template could be simple if you remember a few important points:

Copy a Template

Before amending a template, always make a copy of the original - just in case!

It is also simple to use a copy of the Customer as a base for a new template, and then insert the body text.

Open a Template

Make sure you have opened the template and not working in a document based on the template.


Prevent deleting a bookmark by showing bookmarks - choose Tools, Options, View, and tick Bookmarks. Bookmarks will display as I-beams.

I have opened the Customer which normally only contains 2 bookmarks: Customer and Negotiator. The customer bookmark inserts the date, customer name and address, and salutation, which makes it a perfect template to use if you want to generate an ad hoc letter.

Select Insert, Bookmark to view the bookmark names in the template

You are now ready to amend / add text as required.

In the front of the standard letters pack is a list of letters installed with the PropertyProŽ system, together with the bookmarks available within each letter.

It is possible to create as many standard and non-standard letters as you wish to use with the PropertyProŽ system. In order to fully understand how PropertyProŽ works with document templates, why not come along for a training day?

Open Training Dates

The training is totally tailored to those who attend the day, and we really encourage everyone to take advantage of these free training days.

We are still running a new user day each month alternating between Admin and Negotiator. If you have a new starter, then please send them along for training. From their viewpoint it eases the pressure of operating a new software program whilst getting used to a new office environment and procedures.

The second session each month is generally a refresher for those who want to use the system more efficiently. It's an opportunity to see any new features, be reminded of old forgotten features, and update existing skills.

The next Open Training days:

Wednesday 24th October - Marketing / Refresher Marketing activities - Marketing History. Mass Mailings - Customer Search

Wednesday 7th November - New User (Admin) Focusing on Entering customer data, creating property records, publishing details, sending letters, and mailing.

Wednesday 21st November - Refresher Topics by request, eg Good Practice, Tasks and the Diary, Floorplans, Templates, and looking at new and improved features of Version 21.

Don't forget that if a half day session is more convenient for you, please call. Telephone training may also be available for a small charge provided that a suitable remote connection is available

We look forward to a visit from you very soon!

And finally, if there is anybody else in your office who might also want to receive our newsletter, please let us have their email address and we will add them to the mailing list.

Kind regards


Kate Hoare (Training Manager) Direct dial: 01788 862517

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