PropertyPro Newsletter XVIII – September 2009

Hello to everybody!

It's mid-September already and there's that morning chill that reminds you to re-evaluate your wardrobe, and out come the jackets and socks. However the summer is not over just yet. There's still hope of a chance barbie, the garden may be looking a little tired but there is still plenty of colour, and those with veggie plots are still enjoying the benefits of their efforts.

I haven't put the barbie away just yet - but I have put a lock on my wardrobe. An intruder had found its way in and has enjoyed many of my beloved handbags and shoes, decimated my slippers, and has left me absolutely paranoid and distraught. So a word of warning - there is a new strain of discerning mouse out there looking for warm nesting places and designer handbags and shoes. I am trying to be positive, however, and a week in Turkey in October should prove ample time for me to find replacements.

I thought I would feature the chain in this newsletter, and then next month reinforce the 'Sold' process and archiving. The guidelines are available for download on our website in both Word and PDF format, but I have tried to expand certain features in these newsletters. If you have any comments or suggestions for future newsletters, then do please let me know.

Don't forget to submit your quiz replies either - don't be shy if you haven't got all the answers as others have won it without being 100% correct. The only deadline is when we send out the next newsletter, and there is a proviso that replies are not received before a certain time so that everybody has a fair chance of sending in their replies. This time, you have all weekend to work out the answers - so set a task in your diary to remind yourself to send them in and yours could be the next name announced as winner.

The Chain

You can create a Chain that is as simple as just adding the buyer, or you could add other parties connected to the chain - both below and above the property you have sold. The chain, however small or large, provides a feature that allows you to track the progress of the sale - viewing milestones of each party in the chain, viewing contact details of everyone involved, adding property notes that are easy for everyone to access, and of course it makes generating Sales Letters so much easier and faster.

Tip: When a sale has been agreed, and before creating the chain, open the buyer's record and create a property using the quick link create property. There is no need to add any information to this property - it will not be marketed as it will never be 'instructed' - it is purely for chain purposes. On the instruction tab, change the reason for not instructed from 'valuation pending' to 'chain', so that the 'Not Instructed Report' shows true data.

This property can now be added to the chain, and events and notes can be created and shown individually - rather than lumped together in the main property's notes.

Creating a chain:

  1. From the sold property screen, create the Chain by clicking the chain icon on the toolbar

  2. Add a property to the bottom of the chain by right clicking the property, and choosing 'add property' 'to bottom of the chain'.

  3. Choose the property of the buyer.

Viewing the Chain

Tip: You can print the chain: right click the white space of the chain screen and choose Print.

Viewing Chain Events

To view the milestones of the Chain for one property:

The advantage of creating properties for those in the chain is that you can view and add dates to the events of all properties in one place:

Tip: If you enter a future date in 'Contracts Exchanged', the status of the property will automatically change from 'SSTC' to 'Exchanged' on the date entered.

If your company has not previously used the chain feature and the events do not appear as you would like, do make a call to Support who will quickly change them for you. Alternatively, if you want to do this yourself, use the Chain Events option under the Edit menu (front screen).

Viewing and creating Property Notes

The chain's notes screen is the perfect place to work in when having to create or view property notes relating to the sale. You will have a tab for each property in the chain which allows you to switch between all property notes.

This is one of the biggest advantages of creating and adding properties for chain purposes. Notes can be made against the relevant property from one screen and are easier to find and read.

And finally, a couple of Word tips ....

Open Training Days :

The training dates for October are set out below - please take advantage of this free training - even if it is only to refresh your skills.

Wednesday 7th October - New User Negotiator. Focusing on Property Search, Mailing properties, Appointments, Offers and Chain.

Wednesday 21st October - Marketing. To include Marketing History - recording telephone calls, Marketing History Letter/Report, Customer Search - Mass mailings, Customer reports.

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