Property Pro, The Best Estate Agency Software By Far

Benefits Of PropertyPro

Some of the main benefits of using the PropertyPro software package include:

Full customer relationship management

  1. Promises kept by means of daily task checklists & prompts
  2. All customer notes and contact details available from task lists
  3. Next and forwarding actions always suggested
  4. Clear office diary presentation for ease of scheduling
  5. Reallocation of tasks between staff members to ensure timely follow ups
  6. Management reports of outstanding tasks

Promotion of brand

  1. Your company branding on all output - from window cards to email details
  2. No restrictions on presentation style

Web upload to your site, not via supplier portal

  1. Full advert and property guide production and delivery with layout in your house style
  2. PropertyPro® front screen in your colours and with scrolling presentation of your properties

Relationship building

  1. Dealing with relationships between customers to prompt better communications
  2. Ability to cope with complex buying and selling arrangements
  3. Relationships described as you require aiding better contact management

Sharing information

  1. Multi user, multi office and remote users
  2. Flexible and efficient data communications
  3. Ability to use the system on a portable computer away from the office

Efficiency of communication

  1. Emailing full property details and letters – no links to websites or need for additional software
  2. All interested parties can be copied in on correspondence
  3. SMS messages to confirm appointments as well as supply property information or general texts
  4. Customers can reply directly to text messages which can then be recorded in their notes
  5. Buyer information captured automatically from the web & presented for follow up in task lists
  6. Easy and efficient means of reporting marketing activity to vendors

Speed of presentation of properties to market

  1. Easy web upload
  2. Fast and flexible details production
  3. Automated board ordering
  4. Customer/property matching wizard as well as up to 33 matching criteria

In depth customer knowledge

  1. Customer & property notes
  2. Customer categories, source, status
  3. Recording of customers’ multiple buying criteria
  4. Statistical reporting of customer source and feedback on efficient marketing

Professional and accurate advertising

  1. Advert layout without newspaper intervention
  2. Full control over design and content
  3. Information taken directly from live property database

Staff care and development

  1. Task lists help manage individual and office workloads and identify problems
  2. Statistical reporting on all areas of business and individual performance
  3. Automatic date & time stamping of notes protects staff from record queries
  4. Data sharing empowers staff to deal more effectively & immediately with customers

Daily management tools

  1. Detailed and statistical information on all aspects of the business
  2. Comprehensive audit trails to provide verification of activity
  3. Standard letters initiated and controlled by PropertyPro®, produced using Word for maximum flexibility
  4. Export to Excel facility for further data manipulation of reports
  5. Multiple diary views for individuals, offices, customers and properties giving maximum planning efficiency
  6. Detailed key management and reporting for security

Helps gain instructions

  1. Presentation of comparables data including archive as well as current stock
  2. Easily identify matching customers for a new property including the impact of different prices
  3. Shows how professionally a property will be marketed

Always improving

  1. PropertyPro® is continually evolving to incorporate new technology and to deal with the changing market


What we can do for you

  1. Software
  2. Hardware
  3. Support
  4. Training
  5. Websites
  6. E-Commerce

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comments from our clients

"A marvellous system which I would highly recommend - way above any other systems I have used in the past."
Diane Arkell - The Property Professional

"The latest version of PropertyPro is absolutely rock solid. It really is bomb proof"
Mike Ingrey - Knight Partnership

"I am delighted to say that PropertyPro has surpassed my original expectations with its functionality."
Clarkes Estates


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