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Support FAQ

Q. I have e-mailed a problem through to <<address>> but haven't heard anything back, why not?
A. We do not take support via e-mail. We may ask you to e-mail something through as part of a call but the initial contact must be made via phone. If you feel you have an outstanding query that was made via e-mail then please ring one of our support team on 08456 444 446 and they will be glad to help.

Q. In PropertyPro I have received the Error:(462) The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable in Winword.generate.
A. Microsoft Word or the document inside it has been closed whilst PropertyPro has been running, remember you only need to minimise Microsoft Word when using with PropertyPro.
If you open other copies of Word at the same time then be careful to only close that additional window.
You will need to click 'abort' and then re-open PropertyPro and redo the task.

Q. My computer has previously had a file downloader/share program on and is now running very slow and unresponsive. What should I do?
A. The file downloader may have installed a lot of programs or files that you may not have been aware of, some of which use computer resources to communicate to someone across the internet. If this has not been uninstalled, uninstall it.
To remove these hidden files, you will need to download a spy-ware remover such as Ad-aware from or Microsoft's own antispyware product.
You may want to read our Spyware guide for further information.

Q. In PropertyPro I have received the Error:(5272) There is not enough memory or disk space to There is insufficient memory or disk space. Close extra windows and save your work in Winword.
A. There may be an error with the template. Close PropertyPro and restart the computer by the Start, Restart method and try again. If the same error occurs at the same point then phone our support to arrange a possible replacement template on 08456 444 446.

Q. I've received an e-mail with a random attachment, should I open it?
A. Only if you are certain you know who the sender is and the body of the email makes sense, otherwise it could very easily be a virus, trojan or malicious file.
If the email comes from a known sender but the email doesn't sound like the sender or is full of random characters then it may be that the sender's computer is infected with a virus.

Q. I've received an e-mail with an attachment but it won't let me open it. Why not?
A. Your e-mail client may have blocked your access to the file for security reasons. If you know that the file is safe, you will need to allow access to it.
In Outlook this can be found in Tools - Options and then by clicking on the Security tab, other email clients should be in similar locations..

Q. When starting up the computer, I get the message 'Remove disks or other media' or 'Invalid system disk, replace the disk and then press any key to continue'. What should I do?
A. 1. Remove any floppy disks from the floppy drive and press any key on the keyboard
2. Remove any CD's in the CD-ROM drive / tapes from the tape drive and press any key on the keyboard.
3. Press the reset button on the base.
If the error continues contact the supplier of the hardware.


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