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.Net Framework Installation

Many new programs, including future releases of PropertyPro® require the Microsoft .NET framework to be installed.

This is not currently included in the automatic updates for Windows XP but does form part of Windows Vista.

Clicking on the link on this page will download an application that will check whether you have the required .NET framework and install any necessary files. If the files are already in place, then it will simply check and then end.

Where no .NET framework has been installed on a PC the process may take a long time (possibly a couple of hours) and we would recommend starting the application at the end of a business day and leaving it to run. Once completed a restart may be required to finalise the installation and if so a message to this effect will be displayed. Unfortunately it will be necessary to carry out this procedure on all PCs.

Having the .NET framework installed will provide many advantages for distributing new releases of software and will eventually allow for automatic updates to be available.

To carry out this installation please click here.

For any PropertyPro customers wishing to discuss this further then please call and we will be happy to help


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