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Training FAQ

Q. I am trying to open PropertyPro® and it says 'Database not present in the path'?
A. Check the server is up and running, if so, go into Windows Explorer from your machine and check that the server is mapped as Z drive, if Z drive exists with a cross through it, double click the drive name. If this show files and folders then try PropertyPro® again, all should be ok. If folders are not shown then ask everyone to close PropertyPro® whilst you reboot the server and then the workstation/notebook, if not re-map the drive.

Q. When creating a letter I only get red marks on the page instead of the letter?
A. The address of the person who the letter is to is incomplete on their customer record.

Q. A property that matches the search criteria is not showing when I list matching properties?
A. Check that the property is not ticked as Restrict Searches.

Q. If I delete a photograph from PropertyPro® does it go into a recycle bin?
A. No, it is permanently deleted.

Q. If I minimise a Word document is it automatically saved?
A. Word must always be minimised in PropertyPro®. Details, window displays and single page details are automatically saved when the document is minimised. There is an option to automatically save all letters and if you would like this option configured, please let us know.

Q. Where are my details saved then?
A. Sets of details, window displays and single page details are automatically saved correspondingly at:
Server (C):\Propertypro\Details
Server (C):\Propertypro\Displays
Server (C):\Propertypro\SP Details

Q. What should I do if I accidentally close Word while using PropertyPro®?
A. Close PropertyPro®. Make sure Word is not still running (check on the task bar at the bottom of the screen). Open PropertyPro® and carry on working.

Q. I have entered an applicant and did a search from their screen but did not see any properties. Why?
A. There are two icons for searching. The 'search wizard', which is a quick way to search for price/number of rooms and district, which saves a search without viewing available properties.

Q. Can I quickly make an appointment during a property search?
A. Yes. From the drop down menus at the top of the property search screen, select Diary \ Create appointment. From here you can view the vendor details to contact them. If it is an accompanied viewing, use the diary at the bottom of the screen to check availability of accompanying staff member.

Q. How can I see which properties match a previously registered applicant?
A. The customer screen, Select View \ Matching properties, or click on the icon.

Q. How do I know which properties have been mailed to a customer?
A. From the customer screen, click on the 'notes' icon and click 'All'. This will show within the selected date range' all properties sent, whether by email or post and whether full sets of details or summaries. It will also list properties the customer is not interested in.

Q. If someone rings up for the details on one property, how can I send them?
A. From the customer screen, by selecting Mail \ Individual Property, then choosing the property address from the drop down box.

Q. How can I remove someone from the mailing list?
A. To delete one applicant, go to their customer record and select View \ View\Delete Searches. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. If they have more than one search, this will also need to be deleted. For good house-keeping, change their customer type to 'Archived Applicant'. Details are mailed only to customers with a saved search.

Q. When I delete applicant searches, do I have to go into every customer screen?
A. No, this time, use the customer search screen to identify applicants, with searches, either entered, or last contacted, within a certain date range. Select the applicants, then right click and choose 'with selected'\'delete'. This will take you to a screen allowing you to choose which of the selected applicants are to be deleted and whether or not a letter should sent to them. Searches deleted in this way will mean that the Customer Type will automatically change to 'Archived Applicant'. (This function can be password protected.)

Q. Sometimes my saved search doesn't match with properties I feel it should. Why?
A. It's probably worth looking at the property you know should match to double check some of the search criteria, particularly the price, house type, district, town, office, location. Also make sure there is no tick in 'restrict searches' on the checklist screen.

Q. How can I see all the current on market properties for my office?
A. One way is to run a property search, say from £1,000 - £5,000,000, selecting your office name on the right hand side of the search screen and click 'search'. From here you will be able to view all property information, html details (so you know what is being emailed to applicants) vendor details, offers etc., on each of the properties.

Q. Where is the best place to hold viewings information?
A. Probably the 'comments' box on the customer screen, as this will be accessible to you when viewing vendor details from the diary.

Q. How can I see newly registered applicants?
A. Use the customer search screen and from the tick boxes on the left hand side choose the customer type(s) to report on and then from the top of the screen click in the box to choose 'search between specified date range', and 'with saved searches' amend the dates and click refresh. From here it is possible to run a report listing the applicant's name and their search requirements.

Q. How can I see my 'hot' buyers?
A. By running a similar report to the one above, but this time choosing the 'customer status' you wish to view.

Q. How do I send matching details to an applicant?
A. From their customer screen, select the drop down menu, Mail \ Matching Properties \ Email. Choose which properties to send. You will be prompted whether or not to send a covering email with the properties and if so, whether you wish to edit the email. It is recommended that emails are sent first, then postal mailings.

Q. Who receives details by emails?
A. Any applicant, with a saved search, who has an email address and a dot in 'email' in the 'preferred mailing' section of the screen.

Q. If someone rings up, having seen a board in a village, but does not know the property address, how can I find that property?
A. Try using the property search screen and selecting the appropriate name from the 'Village' box, then click search. It will be possible from here to arrange a viewing and also add customer information, if they are a new applicant.

Q. Any other ways?
A. You could try from the front screen: 'change an existing property', then clicking on the 'search' button at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Type the village name into the box at the top of the screen and put a tick in the address fields this is most likely to appear in and click 'find'. This will bring a list of properties.

Q. When we have a new property to market, how do I send details to matching customers?
A. From the property screen, select Mail \ Matching Customers and select which format you wish to mail in. It is recommended that you email applicants first, before mailing.

Q. Once a property has been mailed out, how can I follow this up?
A. One way is to use the customer search screen. Towards the right hand side, put a dot into 'by property' and click 'add' to select property(ies) and you have the option to see the applicants who have either viewed or been mailed the chosen property(ies). Remember to click 'refresh'. From here you can select a number of customers and open all the records to scroll through, ring round and make customer notes.

Another way, is from the property screen, select View \ Matching Customers. From here, it is possible to right click on an applicant name and select 'open customer' to view their record.

Don't forget the 'Marketing History' icon from the property screen, will not only show who has received details, but also shows viewings\offers\price changes\potential viewings. From here it possible to produce the Marketing History letter to send to the vendor, showing the marketing activity over a chosen period.

Q. When I am in a customer screen, can I open someone else's record?
A. Yes, by clicking on the head icon on the top right hand corner of the screen. To move between customers, use the blue arrows on the top left hand corner of the screen.

Q. How do I know my emails are being sent?
A. From the front screen, choose View \ Email messages where you will see the Inbox, Outbox and Sent Items.

Q. How do I add a buyer to the chain?
A. From the property screen, select the 'Link in Chain' icon and choose whether this is a new chain or you are linking to an existing chain. Now click on the property address to select it and right click to see the menu of available options. Select 'Add \ Buyer'. From here it is possible to open both the vendor and buyer records to ensure their solicitors are attached to their customer record.

Using right click and 'with selected item', it is possible to view events associated with the chain and add in information, as the sale progresses.

Q. If a 'sold' property comes back onto the market, how do I enter the information.
A. Either create a new record, or use the 'copy' icon on the property to generate a new record. This will create a new 'not instructed property', photographs and text will need to be changed and vendor amended. This also works for new build properties and similar flats.

Q. How can I show an internal photograph as the main picture on property particulars?
A. One way is to attach the picture required to 'The Property', so it will automatically appear as the main picture. If the exterior photograph is not held anywhere else on the database, then this would not appear on any marketing material. If the exterior photograph is held elsewhere on the database, then it would be uploaded to the internet. Alternatively, when generating the details, put a tick in 'select pictures' before choosing the details template. This will allow you to choose the order the photograph appear in the fixed text boxes.

Q. Why do sold subject to contract properties appear on the mailing list?
A. This is a setting which has been switched on. If a vendor has requested you to stop marketing their property, then put a tick in 'restrict searches' and 'restrict advertising' on the 'checklist' screen.

Q. How can I find a letter produced through the system?
A. When you minimise Word the letter you generated, together with any changes you made to it will be automatically saved. To return to the letter, go to the customer notes and select 'All'. All letters will be listed. Left click on the line to highlight it, then right click and select 'open'. If you make any changes at this point, click the 'save' icon before minimising Word to confirm the amendments you are making.

Q. How do I enter an offer?
A. From the property record, click the 'offers' icon. Select 'Add Offer' and select the buyer's name, the offer price any comments (these usually appear on the Memorandum of Agreed Sale), the negotiator and then click 'OK'. From here it is possible to update offers to being Accepted or Rejected and generating appropriate letters to the vendor and buyer.

Q. How do I open the diary?
A. When you open PropertyPro®, the diary automatically opens and is available in the task bar at the bottom of your screen. Left clicking will bring it full screen, then click the 'minimise button' when you have finished. It is possible to access different views of the diary from property records, customer records and the front screen. If the diary is shown in this way, then it should be closed to return to PropertyPro®.

Q. How do I send a price change letter?
A. When you change the price on a property, you will be prompted to check the property particulars and window card (if generated), followed by the questions, “Do you want to send a price changed letter?” Clicking 'yes' will allow you to confirm the appropriate template and the letter will open. This will be saved in the vendor's notes file.

Q. Can I print the property notes?
A. Yes. Either click the 'print' icon on the notes screen, or from the drop down menu, select File \ Print and then choose either Screen or Notes.

Q. We are often asked for a list of our available properties, can we produce this?
A. From the front screen, select Reports \ Property Reports \ Property Lists. Choose how the list is to be sorted, e.g. by ascending price order within each postal town. When minimising Word, the list is automatically saved in Z:\PropertyPro\Details\ dd/mm/yyyy Residential Sales List.

Q. Why can't I type in a date field?
A. Because this field requires a specific date format, you have to select the date from a calendar. If you double click into the date field a calendar will pop up - click the required date and it will be inserted into the date field.

Q. Is PropertyPro compatible with Word 2007?
A. Yes - It will create Word documents which are compatible with older versions of Office, so they will be .doc documents, rather than .docx documents.

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